Duolingo’s annual Language Report for 2023 highlighted significant trends in global language learning. With over 83 million monthly learners completing 23 billion lessons, the platform witnessed continued growth and shifts in language preferences.

English retained its status as the most studied language globally, dominating in 122 countries. Nearly half of learners (49%) were motivated to study English for education or work-related reasons, notably evident in India, where 40% of learners cited education as their primary motivation. Indian learners of English also exhibited high daily lesson completion rates.

Korean experienced a remarkable surge, claiming the sixth position in global rankings. Its popularity soared, particularly in India, witnessing a staggering 75% year-on-year growth, establishing itself among the top 10 languages studied in various significant countries.

Hindi also saw increased popularity, rising two spots to secure the eighth position globally in 2023. Over 8.4 million learners worldwide actively engaged in studying Hindi on Duolingo. In India, Hindi emerged as the second most popular language after English.

The report delved into Indian learners’ motivations for travel, with 61% seeking relaxation, new cultural experiences, and adventure. Over half (53%) highlighted the importance of language proficiency when ordering at restaurants or navigating foreign locations. Impressively, 61% of Indian travelers made efforts to learn basic phrases in local languages during their trips.

Duolingo’s 2023 Language Report sheds light on the platform’s immense global user base and the substantial amount of learning activity taking place, providing insights into language learning trends and preferences.

Overall, the report showcases how language learning trends are evolving globally, with English retaining its dominance, while languages like Korean and Hindi continue to gain traction among learners, especially in countries like India.

Original Article: Korean learners grow by 75%, Hindi ranks 8th in the world: Duolingo Language Report 2023
Image Credit: Willi (WilHei) Heidelbach on Pixabay