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Life Is A Backpack!

Not very long ago, few could imagine that the backpack, of all things, would slide so neatly into the ranks of modern technological achievements. It’s one thing to pack a backpack with your items, and completely another to cram it with a dozen functional parts and operations. A kind of a Backpack Plus. Now let’s talk about it. The guys from Solamigo, based in New York, decided to create a backpack that, according to them, would absolutely disappoint a [...]

Stop forcing your dreams on children, parents!

I've always believed that children should be the ones to choose their own future. Whether they want to be an astronaut or a singer is up to them. The main thing is they'd love what they do, because when you love it, you're better at it. I was going to write a post about kids choosing their future and I was discussing the subject with a friend and she had an interesting story about it. So,  few days ago [...]

Forgive and forget?

Religious people and spiritual people often use the phrase I chose for a title. I have to be honest, this phrase is getting on my nerves. Every time I ask people to elaborate they usually put their hands on my shoulders, smile and say something like “Relax, let it go”. Ok, first of all, don’t touch me, ‘personal space, people’ and most importantly, what exactly should I “let go”? That shit thing some moron did to me? I should pretend [...]

Schooling or Education?

Is it about schooling or education? The latter is important. Schooling is just bad. The remnant of the old system, something archaic. That’s putting it gently.  Look at public education. It has a number of problematic aspects. Why the grading system is considered useful? Does it guarantee success in real life? Or does it incentive creativity?  A huge debate! “School is a twelve-year jail stance. Bad habits are the only curriculum truly learned there. I teach school and win [...]