Hello humans of all kinds, shapes, faiths, gender and whatever the hell is there that divides you all.
I’m Harry and I’m tired of re-writing this thing, so, here goes.

I don’t know what you’ve been looking when you’ve hit the link that got you here, but, what you’ll get here is a blog… well… ish. I’ve been interested in all the subjects I’m writing here about since I was a schoolboy. Now I’m 35 and it’s time for my interests to start paying my bills. Technology, Ecology, Space, Psychology and more. You name it, I’m writing about it. Besides various interests, being a writer and art lover and having friends in these fields, I have decided to create a platform where I could share my and my friends’ works.

When you read about “how to become a blogger” one of the advices/recommendations is “pick a subject you’re good at and stick with it”. With all do respect to all the advisors – no, thank you. I don’t think I’m good at any subject I chose, so I’m gonna write about all of it. I refuse to limit myself in one subject because it is impossible for me to choose one. Few years ago I found a 1973 geographical encyclopedia. The amazing thing about is was I was reading the names of countries that don’t exist anymore. It got me thinking, how the world has changed in last 50 years? We’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of Moon landing, so I’ve started looking up things that happened since 1969 and… wow! It took me some time to process all the things human kind has achieved in half of a century. A blink of an eye really. We’ve had major breakthroughs in different fields but we also screwed up big time in others… Just don’t get me started at the state our planet is in…

I thought I can’t be the only one who’s both exited and scared about what the future brings, so I’ll write and share all kinds of materials with you people and gush about the good stuff and rant about the bad. I honestly don’t know what else is there to add… this text is already looking way too long than it should be.
So… Shall we?

p.s. Somebody bring me a cup of tea and some biscuits.