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Nature sounds and Human brain

A study related to the well-being of humans by connecting to nature and environment refers to ‘Environmental Psychology.’ Environmental psychology believes that nature is significantly involved in the conduct and development of human beings. This type of study believes that nature contributes to the humans’ behavior, feelings, and even thinking to a large extent. Another research with the title of ‘Human-Nature Relationship and Its Impact on Health: A Critical Review,’ showed how nature is inter-connected with humans’ wellbeing, and [...]

Dealing with Death and Overcoming Grief

Death is, by far, an inevitable phenomenon that every living being has to go through. Now and then, we see many people related to us as family members, relatives, even acquaintances, and friends, die. Death comes with extreme grief, sadness, regrets, and emotional disturbance. No matter how hard it is for us, the living, we have to accept a simple truth. No one can escape death. Despite all the gloominess associated with “death,” it has some positivity in it [...]

Forgive and forget?

Religious people and spiritual people often use the phrase I chose for a title. I have to be honest, this phrase is getting on my nerves. Every time I ask people to elaborate they usually put their hands on my shoulders, smile and say something like “Relax, let it go”. Ok, first of all, don’t touch me, ‘personal space, people’ and most importantly, what exactly should I “let go”? That shit thing some moron did to me? I should pretend [...]