Dark Silhouette

Dark silhouette walking down the dark street Of the dark city, quiet, asleep Humming a tune and watching the stars You couldn't tell if she's one of us How do I know it's a "She" over there? I'll recognize that redhead anywhere She'll scare the hell out of you, I've no doubt But I know what she is really about She's a lifesaver, carrier of light She's full of magic, you feel her might Look in her eyes, see [...]


4 AM, city's asleep Morpheus tightening his grip, Heavy eyelids, mind is weak Getting hard to even blink. It's all you - dark force of nature, You - a passionate wild creature, You - who showed me what's true love, Who protects me from above. You - who's my true inspiration, My black widow, my damnation, You're my cross I have to bear, And complain I will not dare. I'm your slave without a master, I just wish that [...]

She’s a demon

She's a demon, a dark angel Stuck on Earth, a random stranger She's a steam, a fog, a changer If you see her you're in danger. She is what your heart desires: The dark matter, endless chaos. She's the one that gives you scare, She's the death but you don't care. You will follow her instructions Even if it is destruction. You will sell your soul for cash, Burn someone to get her ash. Her ambitions know no limits, [...]

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