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Unraveling the Journey of Waste: From Disposal to Global Enterprise

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to overlook the journey our discarded items embark upon after they leave our hands. That empty Coca-Cola bottle, tossed into the bin, becomes part of a sprawling global waste industry, dedicated to extracting every ounce of value from what we discard. This intricate process begins at sorting facilities like Green Recycling, where the transformation of waste takes its first steps. From there, a complex network of brokers and traders comes into play. Paper finds [...]

Reconsidering Loneliness: Beyond a Simple Lack of Social Interaction

Loneliness, a complex and often misunderstood emotion, cannot be simply categorized as a disorder or a victimizing condition. Unlike depression, which is recognized as an illness with a biological basis, loneliness lacks this objective status and is often seen as a self-imposed social dysfunction. This perception makes it difficult for individuals to openly discuss their loneliness, leading many to bury themselves in busyness to escape the emptiness they feel. A poignant article by Andrew D. Kim from Harvard highlights the [...]

Addressing Europe’s Food Waste Crisis: A Path Towards Change

Europe is grappling with a staggering food waste problem, as millions of tonnes of food are discarded each year, squandering valuable resources, incurring significant costs, and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. The European Union (EU) acknowledges this pressing issue and seeks to implement measures to combat food waste effectively. According to EU statistics, approximately 131kg per person, equivalent to 56 million tonnes of food worth €132 billion, goes to waste annually. However, a recent study conducted in 2022 estimated the [...]

The Benefits of Embracing Boredom in the Workplace

Have you ever found yourself bored at work? It's a common experience we can all relate to. Boredom is that feeling of wanting to engage in a satisfying activity but being unable to do so. Interestingly, even when we're busy, we can still experience boredom. We often view boredom as a negative state, a waste of time, or a missed opportunity to be productive or engaged in something interesting. It's no wonder that boredom can trigger a strong desire to [...]

The Power of Effective Listening in Leadership

Did you know that some of the most successful leaders are also exceptional listeners? Listening skill plays a vital role in effective leadership, enabling us to gain a profound understanding of the needs and expectations of our teams, clients, and stakeholders. True listening revolves around understanding rather than hastily responding. Many leaders have a tendency to offer immediate responses without fully grasping the context. In our fast-paced world, it's effortless to become consumed by our own thoughts and priorities. However, [...]

Understanding and Addressing the Super-Helper Syndrome

In various workplaces, individuals who derive a strong sense of purpose from helping others are commonly found. However, there comes a point where they jeopardize their own well-being. This article delves into the phenomenon known as the super-helper syndrome, shedding light on its implications and providing strategies for establishing healthy boundaries. Many people around us have transitioned from what they perceived as unfulfilling jobs to become coaches, trainers, or helpers of some kind. For those who haven't made such [...]

Understanding the Significance of Internet Addiction

The Internet has seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, becoming an indispensable part of our routines. It facilitates communication, information sharing, entertainment, and even the pursuit of romantic relationships. However, amidst its undeniable benefits, the question arises: should internet addiction be treated as a serious concern? While there is currently no official recognition of internet addiction as a mental disorder, it is important to note that video game addiction has been acknowledged as one. The World Health Organization has made [...]

Atarimae. The Simplicity Of The Obvious That Answers All Important Questions

November 2022 went down in history by giving us the first FIFA World Cup ever played in the autumn, and the rediscovery of Japanese culture. While the host country Qatar was facing worldwide criticism on many issues including total disregard for human rights in general, the Japanese fans were the ones who brought back faith in humanity by doing little but extremely important things like cleaning up the stands after every match. They became the symbols of the tournament [...]

New Generation Solar Panels Produce Power From Rain And Work In The Dark

The first solar panel was made in 1883 by Charles Fritts, a New York inventor. In 1955 commercial solar cell technologies were licensed and a 2% efficient commercial solar cell was put on the market for $25/cell or $1.785/watt. By 1999 the total worldwide installed solar reaches 1.000 MW. In 2022 and the worldwide installed solar power is approximately 268 gigawatts and is expected to rise to 315 GW in 2023. The overall percentage of Solar Power in the World [...]

5 Oldest Alphabets in the World

Egyptian Hieroglyphs Origins: Egyptian Hieroglyphs emerged around 3200 BCE in Ancient Egypt. Characteristics: This writing system used pictorial symbols to represent words and sounds. It comprised of hundreds of different hieroglyphs, including ideograms, phonograms, and determinatives. Importance: Egyptian Hieroglyphs were primarily used for religious and monumental inscriptions. The Rosetta Stone, discovered in 1799, played a crucial role in deciphering this ancient script. Ancient Greek Alphabet Origins: The Ancient Greek Alphabet emerged around the 9th century BCE in Greece. Characteristics: The [...]

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