Africa and sustainable development get mentioned in the same breath many times. But the fact is that it would take more than literature to achieve the desired goals especially in light of the many challenges facing the continent. Among such challenges are droughts on an epic scale, significant climate change, and desertification. Consequently, the African Union introduced an initiative spanning many countries including Niger, Libya, Gambia, and Sudan. It is geared towards limiting the effects of these challenges as well as transform the lives of millions of people. Known as the Green Wall, it is a mosaic of green landscapes that are inherently productive and plays a huge role to control an already dangerous ecological situation. 

The benefits include the following:


The world population is billed to keep rising and Africa is at the forefront of it. This unequivocally means more mouths to feed and cater for. To that end, the Green Wall will give rise to more deliberate efforts to produce food for millions of people who would immediately bare the brunt of climate change since they live in such regions. 

Africa could face a food crisis and a host of other desperate situations occasioned by hunger and poverty if the gravity of the problem is not appreciated and curtailed. Again, about 100 million hectares of already degraded lands set to be restored by 2030, there’ll be more farmlands to produce crops. 

Job Opportunities 

As with any project of this magnitude, jobs ultimately follow and with the rising figures associated with unemployment in African, this initiative is a step in the right direction. The numbers are quite astonishing with efforts from member nations projected to churn out 10 million jobs in rural areas alone. Again, with transformed lands needing care, farmers, gardeners, rangers and other interested parties will have to sustain the project. 


Initiatives on this scale (8000km across Africa) won’t go unnoticed especially if it proves to be a huge success. This has garnered attention from across the globe because this project is the biggest of its kind. Therefore, it’s not just unique to Africa as the world stands to gain a lot from this positive seismic shift towards a lasting environmental legacy all of humanity can be proud of. People from across the world can visit this area to take in one of the wonders of the world. 


To achieve the ambitious targets set by this initiative, many countries and international organizations have to send top researchers to boost their efforts. Such researchers will study the effects of climate change on the Sahel region and ways to battle back with potent measures. Further, an analysis of social-ecological systems in affected areas geared towards providing abundant and long-lasting ecosystems to support livelihoods is necessary. 

In conclusion, the Green Wall is meant to be a contributory act towards the global effort to save the planet from threatening problems plaguing her. Those around the Sahel, the base for the initiative, are already experiencing the benefits and no doubt hopes it lives up to expectations.