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Gaming and Sleep Deprivation

A passion for video games has affected the lives of many individuals, especially youngsters. Gaming is also a root cause of sleep deprivation. Although, for every gamer in the world, it is entirely worth it. Many research studies have been conducted showing that playing video games can negatively affect the quantity as well as the quality of a person’s life. How Can A Video Game Effect Sleep Cycle Many gamers will proudly compromise their sleep for their game however [...]

Zero Gravity and Disease

How Does Zero Gravity React With Diseases? Zero gravity can be defined as the complete absence of sensation of weight in an environment. It usually happens when there are no contact forces on objects such as a human body. Zero Gravity and Diseases Being in a zero-gravity environment for an extended period can have many negative impacts on the human body. This phenomenon cannot be used to treat a specific medical condition, the environment itself can lead to the [...]