Recently, with the most high-tech advancements in the field of “AI” (Artificial Intelligence), its applications have also encroached to medical sciences with a unique invention of robotic pills. The revolutionary technology has changed the dynamics of the medical and healthcare industry.

“Robot pills” are actually in shape of pills which are swallowed orally. The casing of these pills melts in the stomach and robot starts rolling around inside the stomach lining in a motion of “stick-slip.” This motion of the robot is managed with the aid of an external magnetic area.

Robot pills will give a breakthrough in medical science:

According to David Zarrouk, a robotic researcher, up till now, there has not been any invention which allows objects to move inside the body actively. Application of camera pills which are being used for diagnostic and interventional purposes is also passive and cannot be moved externally. 

A few improvements in medical science, related to robot pills are:

  • Diagnostic and interventional innovations:
  • Introduction of robot pills inside the human body will make physicians and surgeons capable of accurately, precisely, and correctly identify the area of concern. 
  • Biopsies, with the help of robot pills, will be much easier. 
  • Not only diagnostic but interventional advancement will lead to a better prognosis of diseases and conditions. 
  • Targeted deliveries:

As these pills can crawl inside the stomach and intestines after swallowing, they will allow the examiners to control them for reaching the specifically desired area, take tissues, take images, inject medicines or drugs accurately on the concerned area.

  • Prevent drugs break-down:

Many drugs, when ingested orally, lose their components while reaching to the targeted area. These robotic pills will allow the drugs to reach their area of concern without degrading and breaking down in the stomach even when swallowed orally.

  • The potential benefit to diseases:

With the exceptional qualities of extremely accurate targeted deliveries and ability to move actively inside the human body, robot pills will help potentially to fight against diseases specifically psoriasis (skin disease), MS (multiple sclerosis – disease of the nervous system), rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune disease) and gastrointestinal disorders.

  • Efficient procedures:

According to Tech Pro Research, if these pills are administered inside the body under a flexible environment, they can be more reliable and energy-efficient. These pills will work on batteries and move inside the body in a wave-like motion. 

This process of using robot pills will be approximately 10x efficient than the traditionally used procedures. According to the researchers, robot pills will be able to run in the body at 1 cm per second which means that whole process will be completed within six to ten minutes and the robot will be safely withdrawn from the body at the end of process.


With these revolutionary breakthroughs, now it is almost possible to cure all diseases in appropriate timings. Robot pills are one of the most innovative inventions of the present time. Their regular practice will not only enhance diagnostic procedure, but will improve interventional therapies and as a result of favorable prognosis for previously incurable diseases.