4 AM, city’s asleep
Morpheus tightening his grip,
Heavy eyelids, mind is weak
Getting hard to even blink.
It’s all you – dark force of nature,
You – a passionate wild creature,
You – who showed me what’s true love,
Who protects me from above.
You – who’s my true inspiration,
My black widow, my damnation,
You’re my cross I have to bear,
And complain I will not dare.
I’m your slave without a master,
I just wish that you’d come faster.
Having chats in complete silence,
Strengthening our dark alliance.
You command me, I obey
Otherwise you send dismay,
I’m not scared though, ’cause I know
You’re in me, we’re one black hole.
Send a torture if you will,
If it suits you, you can kill
Whatever you say, whatever you do
Now and always I will love you.

Harry Dallan © 2019. All Rights Reserved.