Not very long ago, few could imagine that the backpack, of all things, would slide so neatly into the ranks of modern technological achievements. It’s one thing to pack a backpack with your items, and completely another to cram it with a dozen functional parts and operations. A kind of a Backpack Plus. Now let’s talk about it.

The guys from Solamigo, based in New York, decided to create a backpack that, according to them, would absolutely disappoint a thief. It’s equipped with a special lock, and only someone who knows the three-digit code can open it. It’s 999 possible combinations, so don’t even waste time on this. Thanks to the built-in solar panel, you can charge phones, laptops, and whatever else you need charged directly from the backpack, just by connecting to the USB port. By the way, if you should happen to have a USB kettle, take it safely with you – nothing like drinking coffee or tea out in the nature. The solar panel is flexible and waterproof and it won’t break unless a tank runs it over.

That solar panel is obviously the star of the show, but let’s look at a couple more neat features. The backpack is designed so that it distributes the weight evenly on the back. There are pockets not only in the backpack but also on the shoulder straps, so you can put documents in there and have them at hand … or I guess, at shoulder?

Why did we even talk about this backpack? Because by the look of things, the world is opening up more and more every year and country borders are fading out from the hitchhiker’s map. There’s more opportunities than ever to pack your things and hit the road, with the added bonus of a phone-charging backpack. Not a lot of money that you’ll need either: you know, staying with strangers for a day or two is a classic(except, maybe, when you recieve a call 9 months later). It’d be a shame to miss out on travel in this day and age, when even backpacks are gearing up to help you.

So pack your things, Jack.