A passion for video games has affected the lives of many individuals, especially youngsters. Gaming is also a root cause of sleep deprivation. Although, for every gamer in the world, it is entirely worth it. Many research studies have been conducted showing that playing video games can negatively affect the quantity as well as the quality of a person’s life.

How Can A Video Game Effect Sleep Cycle

Many gamers will proudly compromise their sleep for their game however it is evident that getting good sleep and rest at night is very important for better health. Lack of sleep can impact your physical and mental abilities sooner or later. Most of the studies have shown that:

  • Gaming can over-stimulate your body and mind and thus disturb your sleep cycle. Many gamers are sure to pretend that they get enough sleep every day, and this worked up spur has no harmful effect on their body. Even though they can indeed maintain a bedtime routine, but it doesn’t mean that their brain shuts off immediately once they are in bed. They are too excited and thus face difficulty in falling asleep.
  • Gaming can unsettle your body’s biological clock, thus lead to disordered sleeping patterns. Gaming is not only an overexciting activity but also very interactive, which can cause addiction among people in a way that they have no sense of their day and night routine.
  • Video games include a bright screen with perky lightening effects. It may cause your body to secrete less melatonin, which is a hormone that controls sleepiness and wakefulness. If there is any hindrance in the production of this hormone, you can say goodbye to your sleep.

Case Studies and Scientific Evidence

Many studies have been piloted to identify the relationship between video games and poor sleeping patterns. In these studies, the researchers found out that when young people play video games especially before bedtime, they lose about 27-30 minutes of total sleeping time and take more than 40 minutes to fall in a deep sleep. These gamers were also found out to wake up many times during night although they went to bed according to their routine. When this happens, they mislay 12-15 minutes of complete REM cycle for every two hours of the video games played before sleeping. Given the fact that an average REM cycle is for 90 minutes, losing it for 15 minutes can make a huge impact.

The sleep efficiency (value: 87.6%) of young gamers decreases significantly (value: 85.76%) when they play video games just before going to bed. Many works of literature have provided us with anecdotal and evidence-based information regarding this topic. Furthermore, many studies have investigated the types of video games and conclude that violent games carry much negative burden than a normal one.

The effect of video games on sleep can manifest in different methods, including routine functionality, psychological, emotional, and developmental dysfunctionalities. Video gaming can cause an interruption in the development of the neuronal structure that may harm your verbal intellect and aptitude.

The duration of these video games played along with the type of the game is a significant factor which is still under investigation to reach a decisive conclusion.