Death is, by far, an inevitable phenomenon that every living being has to go through. Now and then, we see many people related to us as family members, relatives, even acquaintances, and friends, die. Death comes with extreme grief, sadness, regrets, and emotional disturbance. No matter how hard it is for us, the living, we have to accept a simple truth.

No one can escape death.

Despite all the gloominess associated with “death,” it has some positivity in it as well. As a human being, we should understand the scientific facts that after a certain age, body organs and functions decline with speed to the point where they are no more functional or need external assistance. In this state, individuals mostly suffer a lot from pain, depression, and dependence.

Patients with terminal illnesses and incurable diseases die every day due to pain and discomfort. In these cases, death is not more than a blessing for them.

Euthanasia is a form of self-induced death in patients with terminal diseases and disabilities which is even legal in some countries worldwide. Euthanasia aims to make patients relief from their sufferings, which cannot be cured medically and will only aggravate with time.

How to deal with the grief of loss?

Grief can be defined as a natural response or emotional suffering to loss or death of someone close. Encountering a death of someone related to you is undoubtedly a painful experience, and this grief only subsides with time, but during this time of gloominess, we must understand and keep in mind that:

  • Death is inevitable:

Every being on this Earth who lives has to die. If someone has died first, it was their turn to move out of this world and tomorrow will be yours. We will leave this world in the same way. This way of thinking can bring a highly positive behavior in life and life approaches.

  • Life is challenging

Everyone has to face hardships and difficulties which only subside when you are no more alive. The grief associated with death of your loved one can be managed by thinking in a way that your loved one is not suffering anymore. They have faced the difficulties and anxieties of their life, and now they are calmly resting in peace.

  • Immortality is a curse

For instance, think of living for so long, seeing your loved ones die, experiencing changes in your body, seeing changes in the world, and values can be very treacherous even in imagination. Timely death is not a curse instead of a blessing, which helps a person to live well and also leave in well.

Death should neither be feared nor cursed. Death adds meaning to life as, without death, there would have been no attraction in life. Dealing with the death of loved ones can certainly be painful, which will take time to heal but thinking about positive aspects of death can help in immediate recovery from pain and satisfaction in life.