Gaming and Sleep Deprivation

A passion for video games has affected the lives of many individuals, especially youngsters. Gaming is also a root cause of sleep deprivation. Although, for every gamer in the world, it is entirely worth it. Many research studies have been conducted showing that playing video games can negatively affect the quantity as well as the quality of a person’s life. How Can A Video Game Effect Sleep Cycle Many gamers will proudly compromise their sleep for their game however [...]

10 of the Amazing Benefits of Palo Santo

Palo Santo is known for being an incredibly fragrant wood that’s linked to good fortune. It’s burned as incense, and has notes of pine, lemon, and mint. Palo Santo is related to Frankincense, and its name in Spanish means “holy wood”. Palo Santo has a range of uses and benefits in both ancient and modern cultures. It’s become increasingly popular as more people turn to holistic therapies for both mental and spiritual help. Here are 10 of the amazing [...]

Nature sounds and Human brain

A study related to the well-being of humans by connecting to nature and environment refers to ‘Environmental Psychology.’ Environmental psychology believes that nature is significantly involved in the conduct and development of human beings. This type of study believes that nature contributes to the humans’ behavior, feelings, and even thinking to a large extent. Another research with the title of ‘Human-Nature Relationship and Its Impact on Health: A Critical Review,’ showed how nature is inter-connected with humans’ wellbeing, and [...]

Dopamine explained

Introduction to dopamine: Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which is produced in the brain. Primary production of dopamine occurs in midbrain consisting of a large number of dopaminergic neurons. The function of neurotransmitters is to chemically convey the information or messages from one neuron to other recipient neurons (target neurons). When the message has arrived at dopamine receptor neurons, these receptors either cause inhibition or excitation depending upon the type of information received. Effects of dopamine on the human body [...]

Zero Gravity and Disease

How Does Zero Gravity React With Diseases? Zero gravity can be defined as the complete absence of sensation of weight in an environment. It usually happens when there are no contact forces on objects such as a human body. Zero Gravity and Diseases Being in a zero-gravity environment for an extended period can have many negative impacts on the human body. This phenomenon cannot be used to treat a specific medical condition, the environment itself can lead to the [...]

Dealing with Death and Overcoming Grief

Death is, by far, an inevitable phenomenon that every living being has to go through. Now and then, we see many people related to us as family members, relatives, even acquaintances, and friends, die. Death comes with extreme grief, sadness, regrets, and emotional disturbance. No matter how hard it is for us, the living, we have to accept a simple truth. No one can escape death. Despite all the gloominess associated with “death,” it has some positivity in it [...]

Forgive and forget?

Religious people and spiritual people often use the phrase I chose for a title. I have to be honest, this phrase is getting on my nerves. Every time I ask people to elaborate they usually put their hands on my shoulders, smile and say something like “Relax, let it go”. Ok, first of all, don’t touch me, ‘personal space, people’ and most importantly, what exactly should I “let go”? That shit thing some moron did to me? I should pretend [...]

Robot Pills

Recently, with the most high-tech advancements in the field of “AI” (Artificial Intelligence), its applications have also encroached to medical sciences with a unique invention of robotic pills. The revolutionary technology has changed the dynamics of the medical and healthcare industry. “Robot pills” are actually in shape of pills which are swallowed orally. The casing of these pills melts in the stomach and robot starts rolling around inside the stomach lining in a motion of “stick-slip.” This motion of [...]


What is Neuralink? Neuralink is an American corporation that manufactures brain-machine interfaces, i.e., BMIs for implantation through neuro-technology. Many high-profile specialists and neuroscientists are working under the name of this brand and are on a mission to flourish this new venture. Neuralink is a crazy combination of brain surgery and futuristic science technology to understand what it means to be a human. Purpose of Neuralink With the help of a sci-fi concept, this venture can connect your brain to [...]