Is it about schooling or education? The latter is important. Schooling is just bad. The remnant of the old system, something archaic. That’s putting it gently. 

Look at public education. It has a number of problematic aspects. Why the grading system is considered useful? Does it guarantee success in real life? Or does it incentive creativity? 

A huge debate!

School is a twelve-year jail stance. Bad habits are the only curriculum truly learned there. I teach school and win awards for it. I should know. The school ensures a workforce that will not rebel… and will be dependent upon corporate institutions for self-esteem, incomes, and stimulation,” says John Gatto in his Book “Dumbing Us Down”.

What all public schools teach our children of the next generation is: 

  • Truth comes from authority- wrong!

Authority could be wrong. 

  • Intelligence means to learn, remember, and repeat- wrong!

Intelligence means to observe, think, and take creative actions. Creativity needs to be rewarded, not repetition. 

Better said, schools teach youth what an electric switch looks like. Practical life tells how to design a switch, which is entirely opposite to school’s taught formula. And what they try themselves results in a weird switch with the wrong operation. 

Now, let me tell you some harsh truths about public schools. 

  • School Forces You to Fit in 

Do you see what public education is for? It is a system, aiming to train mass individuals into professions that could be projected in the future. 

During industrialization, it did the trick. But today, the world is changing rapidly. Artificial intelligence and the internet are major renders of industries now. The old school system needs reformations. 

Frankly speaking, modern schools are best if you want to become a truck driver, administrative agent, accounts manager, or a typical 9 to 5 office worker. If you want any of these, you’re good to go. 

  • Your Creativity Remains Uncultivated 

What does the ‘A grade’ really have to do with achieving success in real life? 


You can’t be truly successful unless you create a learning framework and seek knowledge on your own. You might fail at first, but you’ll enjoy it eventually. The school does nothing to cultivate your creativity and self-knowledge. 

Your metacognition becomes low, developing weak self esteem overtimes. 

  • You become a Sissy Orthodox

A robot, in other words. Sissy Orthodoxies do what they’re told to do. They are not leaders. They obey a leader and require their permission for every task. They try to remain within the recent pop culture trends. This is what modern schools teach you. 

  • School Turns Independence into Co-dependency 

Did you ever think why schools want you to fit in? 

Because if you fit in, you’re weak. Schools teach you to give up your own style and adapt to the one you’ve been taught. If you do, you are co-dependent and weak. 

The stronger ones make their own way of life. They invest their self-education and creativity to learn how to become successful in real life. They are out of box-thinking. They rely on themselves, not a system.

Bottom Line

So, where is the fault? Should students follow “how to think program” of schools? Or they should demand high-quality education, where they can express their creativity? 

There is a need to stop! Schools need to stop BRAINWASHING

Instead, youth must be encouraged to take creative actions, and condemn the old school system. They should have the liberty to self-educate themselves. 

I tell you this, bright minds of this dark age
The time is now, for you to take the stage
It’s up to you, the young, to lead us all
You are the ones, with uncorrupted souls.