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She’s a demon

She's a demon, a dark angel Stuck on Earth, a random stranger She's a steam, a fog, a changer If you see her you're in danger. She is what your heart desires: The dark matter, endless chaos. She's the one that gives you scare, She's the death but you don't care. You will follow her instructions Even if it is destruction. You will sell your soul for cash, Burn someone to get her ash. Her ambitions know no limits, [...]

Stop forcing your dreams on children, parents!

I've always believed that children should be the ones to choose their own future. Whether they want to be an astronaut or a singer is up to them. The main thing is they'd love what they do, because when you love it, you're better at it. I was going to write a post about kids choosing their future and I was discussing the subject with a friend and she had an interesting story about it. So,  few days ago [...]

Zero Gravity and Disease

How Does Zero Gravity React With Diseases? Zero gravity can be defined as the complete absence of sensation of weight in an environment. It usually happens when there are no contact forces on objects such as a human body. Zero Gravity and Diseases Being in a zero-gravity environment for an extended period can have many negative impacts on the human body. This phenomenon cannot be used to treat a specific medical condition, the environment itself can lead to the [...]

Europa (Jupiter II)

Europa is one of 79 and the 4th largest moon of Jupiter. It was discovered by Simon Marius in 1609, who named it "Europa", after a princess from Greek Mythology. Its diameter is 3121.6km, just a bit smaller than Earth's moon. It takes roughly 3.5 days for Europa to orbit Jupiter. Europa's distance from Jupiter is about 670.900km.  Scientists believe that Europa has an iron core and an atmosphere (mostly oxygen). The surface is smooth and icy. Under [...]

Dealing with Death and Overcoming Grief

Death is, by far, an inevitable phenomenon that every living being has to go through. Now and then, we see many people related to us as family members, relatives, even acquaintances, and friends, die. Death comes with extreme grief, sadness, regrets, and emotional disturbance. No matter how hard it is for us, the living, we have to accept a simple truth. No one can escape death. Despite all the gloominess associated with “death,” it has some positivity in it [...]

Forgive and forget?

Religious people and spiritual people often use the phrase I chose for a title. I have to be honest, this phrase is getting on my nerves. Every time I ask people to elaborate they usually put their hands on my shoulders, smile and say something like “Relax, let it go”. Ok, first of all, don’t touch me, ‘personal space, people’ and most importantly, what exactly should I “let go”? That shit thing some moron did to me? I should pretend [...]

Stop mining Bitcoins!

You know something’s not right with this bitcoin thing, when even those guys, who ran some Ponzi schemes (basically stole money from people), say that this is just a sham… or maybe they’re just jealous it wasn’t their idea. I doubt it though… Anyway, I feel like a tiny intro is in order. What is a bitcoin?Can I just put a Wiki quote here? I think the quote will explain it better (this is an excuse for being lazy)“Bitcoin is [...]

Batik by Marianna Hovhannisyan

"Poppy field before a thunderstorm" by Marianna Hovhannisyan. Batik. Silk. 50х70.  Batik is the art of painting on fabric, known since ancient times. For many centuries, items from batik have been highly valued, and the skill of some artists has reached an incredible level. Batik is suitable for aspiring artists and provides great opportunities for self-realization.

Robot Pills

Recently, with the most high-tech advancements in the field of “AI” (Artificial Intelligence), its applications have also encroached to medical sciences with a unique invention of robotic pills. The revolutionary technology has changed the dynamics of the medical and healthcare industry. “Robot pills” are actually in shape of pills which are swallowed orally. The casing of these pills melts in the stomach and robot starts rolling around inside the stomach lining in a motion of “stick-slip.” This motion of [...]

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