Should we fix earth or just colonize another planet?

As NASA and Elon Musk continue to spend top dollar on space exploration, talks of living on planets outside our earth are filtering into the air. In fact, Elon Musk said that the cost of moving to Mars with a free return ticket would be around $500,000 or lesser in the future.

Ok, but, what happens if we are successful men those planets? Where do we start from? How do we manage another successful colonization as we did on earth? The one crucial question, however,  is how we are going to take care of this new frontier, so we don’t damage it like earth.

Yes, answer that first? 

We have wasted, spoilt, scattered, and destroyed the one place we have guaranteed that it is home. 

The forests are finishing by the ton, speaking about forests; if you have been following news you will see how the Amazon was ablaze recently. While we blame lumbers and nomadic settlers for the fire, we must acknowledge the effect of such monstrous calamity. 

The Amazon producing 6 percent of the world’s breathable oxygen, which means plenty of plants, animals, and humans, will suffer hugely for this fires that lit up the horizon and filled the air with CO2 and food production will drop. However, this is not the first time, the Amazon got burnt 20 years ago, destroying everything in its path and plunged Brazil into darkness.

This year alone, the National Institute for Space Research in Brazil has recorded 74,000 fires in the Amazon and increase of 84% compared to 2018.  Overall the world loses 18 million acres of forest annual. In facts, some statistic put it that half of the world’s forests have been lost due to deforestation.

With such alarming statistics, it is no wonder people want to move to Mars, considering there are no trees there, they should value their trees when or if they plant them.

The Worlds Waterways

Our oceans and waterways are the platforms for food, transportation, and revenue for some countries in the world. However, one is poised to ask, how well are they doing?

Since 1950 when plastics were introduced, the world has manufactured an equivalent of one billion elephants in weight for plastics, and 8 million tons of this plastics are in our oceans while the remaining are in landfills or littering our street, cities, and communities.

8 million tons, in our world oceans, killing basic aquatic life, endangering some more, and contaminating not only the waters but the millions that depend on it for survival.

What about animals that are killed each year for their body parts? For a tusk, we killed an elephant, for their skin, we butcher a crocodile. 

These problems are enough to send anyone away, but the question still remains, how much is too much to spend in fixing the Earth we live in.

Talk about shifting our unsolved mistakes to a different location.

Or is there a conspiracy theory to moving to other planets? Perhaps the affluent will go and use the poor “leftover” citizens of earth who are keen on leaving as servants? 

Every option is an option on the table, after all those that go forth need people to clean their mess or answer to their beck and call.

Getting that out of the way, should we leave earth because we fucked up or suck it up and clean up the planet?

What do you think?

A bird in hand is worth more than a million in the forest, at least that is what they say.

Is the planet nearing annihilation?

We have watched so many movies that it feels like Earth is close to dying, if you feel like that, let me remind you that you are part of the problem.

Yes, you! What have you done to take care of your earth? If you get stuck up in a bad job, you have the right to pack up and leave. 

This ideology of packing and leaving doesn’t work with Earth, depending on the planetary arrangement; the minimum distance from Earth to Mars is 54.6 million kilometers. 

Their farthest distance is about 400 million kilometers. So this is not similar to taking a bus to the next town, as you need a boatload of cash to get to your destination.

The Problems

Let’s see global warming, poverty, overpopulation, and the generally high levels of stupidity displayed by humans are some of the problems plaguing our planet today. Despite huge efforts to redeem the issue, we have failed woefully hence the one reason why leaving this hellhole might be a good idea.

In 2014, we spent $750 billions on cigarettes, the US spends over 80 billions on cigarettes (yet we spend time searching for the cure for lung cancer, acute cough and other smoke relating conditions). Tobacco kills 8 millions people each year, yet we still smoke.

If we channel this money on cigarettes and tobacco to solve poverty, child and women abuse or those pressing issues that are making us choose other planets that Earth, we will be fine, do you think so?

Think, we go our priorities misplaced no offense to the smokers, these are facts though, you want to leave too or you will fix the Earth with us.

So instead of wasting funds and resources in bolstering exploration that we will not use in the next half a century, or wasting money that will eventually kill us, we can channel the resources to solving the problem that are pushing us to abandon our home such as poverty, climate change, human trafficking, equality and justice for all and a general betterment of the entire planet.

Why another planet sound like a good choice?

Humans are the biggest problem we have, too many of them in a particular place. Not cool!

So as much as it doesn’t sound right, it will feel good to live in a serene environment with clean air, less carbon footprint, and best of all, some needed sanity.

No disrespect, but something in that order. We will sort out other modalities later. 

Second, it will feel nice to have an option. Knowing that there is another planet you can go throw down is nice

We can use technology to the fullest for more sustainable exploits taking lessons from the earth that would be nice.

Finally, let face it, we don’t have enough storage space on earth anymore. Regardless of the unexplored territories in the world, we are population centered in a spot which does more harm than good. Another planet will hopefully reduce the population of the earth.

Why we should stay?

We can’t deny that humans love to explore, but we can’t also deny that earth is the best planet and place to be for us humans.

The only way to enjoy  is to clean it up so that even when we visit other planets, we have a clean home to come back too.

After all, this is the only planet for now that you can go fishing in a river, go hunting, swim, hike and still fall in love with its beauty regardless of how it looks.

We love it. And if we say so, we should try to clean it up and start now before we lose it all.

Although another planet will be a joy ride, terraforming without a durable option for humans from the earth will lead to destruction, and soon it will be as unlivable as earth.

A final word, the human population is dwindling at an alarming rate, just like the animals before us; extinction is closely creeping up unless we fix what we’ve created. 

Even as the idea of escaping earth fades away; if men and other explorers like Elon Musk think happiness lies in exploring the Milky Way, by all means, they should, but they should also take care of the home since we are all still here.