Palo Santo is known for being an incredibly fragrant wood that’s linked to good fortune. It’s burned as incense, and has notes of pine, lemon, and mint. Palo Santo is related to Frankincense, and its name in Spanish means “holy wood”.

Palo Santo has a range of uses and benefits in both ancient and modern cultures. It’s become increasingly popular as more people turn to holistic therapies for both mental and spiritual help. Here are 10 of the amazing benefits of Palo Santo.

  1. Purifying your spirit and energy

Palo Santo has long been used by indigenous people in Peru as a way of cleansing their spirit. The wood is believed to invoke feelings of tranquility and calmness when it’s burned, and clear away negative thoughts and feelings. Simply burning some Palo Santo will allow you to enter a more relaxed state of mind.

  1. It’s believed to aid physical symptoms

Another traditional use for Palo Santo is to use its smoke as a decongestant, similarly to how you’d use eucalyptus. It’s believed to help with conditions like bronchitis, cold and headaches. Palo Santo tea is drunk to soothe stomach and digestive issues, much like you would with ginger or mint.

  1. Palo Santo is easy to carry with you

It’s surprisingly useful to have a portable spiritual cleanser, and you can use a Palo Santo bundle in your car or hotel. Unlike something like sage leaves, which are impractical to carry around, Palo Santo bark can just be put it in your bag and enjoyed as it is.

  1. It can help to inspire creativity

Burning Palo Santo can help to inspire creativity, along with banishing negative feelings. It can also help to welcome in feelings of love and good fortune. By creating feelings of positivity, your creativity will be more inspired and open to new ways of thinking. Similarly, Palo Santo can help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, which can also reduce creative thinking.

  1. It can aid with energetic projection

Proper energetic projection requires the right environment, and Palo Santo can help to create that. The right environment means clearing both the physical space and the energetic one. Much like burning sage, burning Palo Santo wood, or using it for smudging, can rid the area of negative feelings and energies.

  1. Palo Santo helps to cleanse and renew crystals

Crystals are the main way of controlling negative energies, and so need to be renewed and cleansed every so often. To keep your crystals at their most effective, smudge them with Palo Santo charcoal every 3-4 days, or more often if you feel it’s needed. This is particularly helpful for amethyst, citrine, rose quartz and jasper.

  1. It can help to rid your mind of negative thought processes

One of the major first symptoms of many mental illnesses are negative thought processes. These allow things like depression and anxiety to creep in, and so are best banished before they take hold. Palo Santo essential oil is particularly helpful for calming the mind and helping with this, and is best added to a bath to help relax you.

  1. Palo Santo helps to keep insects away

Palo Santo is quite a clever plant because it produces aromas that ward off bugs and insects. Much like citronella, insects hate its volatile compounds, which makes it incredibly useful in the summer. Burning or essential oils are the best way to control bugs, and you don’t have to worry about any of the chemicals found in commercial products.

  1. It aids with meditation

As you can probably see, Palo Santo has a positive and uplifting effect on the mind. This makes it perfect for meditation, which requires clarity and tranquility in order for you to get all the benefits. Burning Palo Santo before and during your meditation session will help to uplift your mood and raise your vibration, allowing for a much better experience.

  1. Palo Santo can help to clarify a space

It’s important to keep your spaces free of negative energy, both at home and at work. Palo Santo is perfect for this because it has a enticing and uplifting aroma, making it suitable for general use. Smudging Palo Santo is the perfect way to leave a lasting hint of its fragrance, which will help to keep your space purified for much longer.


These are just 10 amazing benefits of Palo Santo, but there are plenty more. Due to its popularity and positive effects, Palo Santo is widely available online and so is pretty easy to get hold of. The fact that it has both practical and spiritual effects makes it an incredibly useful thing to keep around, and it also has the benefit of being portable. Why don’t you get some Palo Santo in your life?